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Wendy Mcconnell

Teacher Information

School District: Brevard
Department: Generalist/Middle Childhood
Location: Merritt Island, FL
National Board Certified: Yes


The Latest Brevard News

Cops: Dogfighting ring found during drug investigation at Brevard home
The Brevard County Sheriff's Office said they found 10-12 dogs in bad shape when they arrived at a home where they were investigating a drug case. Officials said they found evidence of a dog-fighting ring at the home on Airboat Avenue near Cocoa just before noon Friday. Deputies swarmed the property and said all the dogs have been surrendered to Animal Services. “We know we had upward of 10 dogs ...
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Organized dogfighting ring dismantled in man's home, Brevard cops say
The Brevard County Sheriff's Office said Friday that agents uncovered and dismantled an organized dogfighting ring. The dogfighting activity was happening at a home on Airboat Avenue in West Cocoa, according to deputies. Deputies said they were originally at the home investigating a drug case and while on property they found nearly a dozen dogs that were in horrific conditions. Investigators ...
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Brevard County deputies investigate if suspect involved in other homicides
Brevard County deputies are in the beginning stages of seeing if 45-year-old Lance David Berning could have been involved in other murders involving prostitutes after he was accused of brutally killing one woman and dumping her body in the Indian River. Deputies said Berning confided in a friend over some beers and called 24-year-old Jennifer Hedges a "dead hooker" in the river just two days ...
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Brevard man arrested in shooting that left 1 dead, 1 critical
A Brevard County man is being held without bond in a deadly shooting involving two people.
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Brevard teen killed in skateboarding accident
Florida Highway Patrol launched an investigation into a Brevard County teen’s skateboarding death. Haley Hodge, 17, fell from her skateboard on Saturday in Merritt Island as she was being towed by a car near Tropical Trail. Troopers didn’t know a vehicle was involved in the crash until recently and now charges are possible against the driver. FHP said the driver of the Toyota Celeca that was ...
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Wendy Mcconnell's Teaching Location

Wendy Mcconnell's Location
Wendy Mcconnell
Merritt Island, FL

The Latest Merritt Island News

FL teen dies after skateboarding accident
A 17-year-old Satellite High student has died after head injuries she received in a weekend skateboarding accident on Merritt Island.
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‘Are You The One’ Season 2 Premiere: Shocking Twist Brings More Drama
‘Are You The One’ is back for its second season of hooking up, blacking out, screaming, fighting and truth-boothing.
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Gather your family stories: It's a gift for generations
It's not even mid-October, but these days Halloween seems to begin in August, and Christmas starts soon after. Thanksgiving is in danger of become "the day before Black Friday."
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Dog attacked by loose pit bulls inside fenced Graham back yard
GRAHAM — A Pierce County couple thought their dog would be safe in their gated backyard but hey were wrong. Two pit bulls got into their yard and surrounded their dog, Jack. Now neighbors worry the pit bulls could be returned to their owner. Eight-year-old Jack is all fixed up after an emergency visit to the […]
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East Haven Officer Shoots Dog After Being Attacked
An East Haven Police officer had to shoot in self defense after a dog attacked him early Tuesday morning, according to police. Police said an officer was on patrol around 2:45 a.m. near Oceanview Towing on Coe Avenue when he observed a roaming dog near the street. When the officer got out of his vehicle […]
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