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Invertebrate Dichotomous Key Worksheet with Animals

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Invertebrate Dichotomous Key Worksheet with Animals

You can use this activity to introduce or reinforce the learning of a Dichotomous Key. Each student picks their own animal and they must identify the animal using the Invertebrate Dichotomous Key. When they have identified their animal, they make a double bubble map (http://www.mapthemind.com/thinkingmaps/themaps/dbubble/) using their animal and their shoulder partner's animal. This file contains pictures of all of the invertebrates needed to complete this worksheet. This activity supports Grade Seven California State Science Standard 5 - The anatomy and physiology of plants and animals illustrate the complementary nature of structure and function.

$3.00 - Lesson Length: 30 Minutes
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Written by keithi

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Middle School
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30 Minutes
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Invertebrates, Dichotomous Key, Standard 5

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Invertebrate Pictures Double Bubble Review with Dichotomous Key Microsoft Word Document


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