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Gummy Worm 'Osmosis or Diffusion?' Lab

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Gummy Worm 'Osmosis or Diffusion?' Lab

This is a fun 2-day lab to show the students the process of osmosis. I hand out the gummy worms the last half of the class so they can write their hypothesis and collect initial measurements. They love this lab because they get to use Gummy Worms, even though they cannot eat them (I usually buy extra gummy worms so they can eat them the next day when they do their second observations) and they get to use the lab equipment, such as the Triple Beam Balance. You can also substitute in Gummy Bears if you want. This activity includes a graph so they can create a bar graph to compare the percent changes that occur to the length, width, and mass of the gummy worm. This activity supports Grade Seven California State Science Standard 1A - Students know cells function similarly in all living organisms and Grade Seven California State Science Standard 7A - Select and use appropriate tools and technology (including calculators, computers, balances, spring scales, microscopes, and binoculars) to perform tests, collect data, and display data.

$3.00 - Lesson Length: 1 Hour
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Written by keithi

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Middle School
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1 Hour
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Gummy Bear, Gummy Worm, Osmosis, Diffusion, Standard 1A, Standard 7A

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