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Animal Rights

This interactive PDF collection of online resources will enable you to explore, discuss and respond to the difficult question of animal rights. You will investigate and discuss opinions and issues relating to welfare, animal rights activism and issues of animal awareness. You will move on to making personal creative responses using art, design and writing, as well as more systematic design work to consider how people react to animal rights campaigns.

The project is aimed at grades 9 - 12 though it is also suitable - with caution - for grade 7 and above. While it can be undertaken on an independent basis it is recommended that learners under grade 10 are mentored. Can be used direct by learners or mediated by tutor. Suitable for groups. Animal Rights is adaptable, especially in the sections about personal creative responses. Flexibly 6 - 12 hours work.


  • Interactively linked online resources
  • Prompts for debate and investigation
  • Activity guides
  • Selection of artistic, creative and written practical responses

WARNING! This project touches on facts that may be distressing. Please note that all social issues can be contentious so it is recommended that a tutor or parent views the project in advance of delivering it.

FREE - Lesson Length: 6 Hours
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High School
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Middle School
Social Studies
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6 Hours
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Lesson Plans (Bundled), Worksheets, Activities, Study Guides, Assessments (Quizzes, Tests, Etc.)
Animal Rights, Social Science, Social Studies, Citizenship, Activism, Welfare, Ethics, Design, Art, Writing, Reading, Graphics

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