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Selena Movie Graphic Organizer

Instead of a question-based worksheet to pass out during the showing of this film (which has become an annual event), I've developed this graphic organizer to help my students improve their writing skills.

I have seven characters from the movie inside the organizer, and I request that the students write very detailed information about each of the characters. I've provided instructions at the top of the sheet, and a model for them to follow. I allow and encourage textbook usage during the film!

You will be downloading two different versions: one for beginning Spanish, and one for a more advanced level 2 (or 3). With my Spanish 3 students, I show the film in Spanish along with subtitles in Spanish. It's interesting for them to compare the spoken language with the "similar" Spanish dialogue at the bottom of the screen. For Spanish 1 and 2, I usually show the film in Spanish, with English subtitles.

I know you show this movie... Print it off for your students to use. You can thank me later. :)

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Written by senorward

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