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Read, Write and Evaluate Expressions - NCCS Math 6.EE.2

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Read, Write and Evaluate Expressions - NCCS Math 6.EE.2

The learner identifies, creates and evaluates expressions.

Complete 4 page student packet with answer sheets included.

Provides for guided and independent practice with assessment included.

For use as printable, projectable, on a pad or computer.


- Write expressions using numbers and letters for unknowns

- Identify the parts of an expression, (terms, variables, constants...).

- Evaluate expressions by substituting specific values for variables.

- Perform arithmetic operations including exponents using the correct     order of operations.

NCCS Math 6.EE.2

$3.00 - Lesson Length: 2 Hours
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Lesson Plan Details

Grade Level:
6th Grade
Secondary Grade Level(s):
5th Grade, Middle School
Subject Area:
Expressions And Equations
2 Hours
Included Content:
Worksheets, Homework, Study Guides, Assessments (Quizzes, Tests, Etc.)
5Th Through 8Th Grade Math, National Common Core Math Standard 6.Ee.2, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, Math, Arithmetic, Write Algebraic Expressions, Evaluate Expressions

Common Cores

Write, read, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers

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Included Documents/Resources

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