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Lines of Symmetry - 4.G.3

Great 60 minute lesson for administrator evaluation! I have included editable version of all files, so you can make the lesson your own. This is an interactive presentation that will engage students with animation and artwork. It is suitable for a smartboard, projector, computer, pad or as a printable. Learner objectives include recognizing lines of symmetry across two dimensional objects, folding figures along a line of symmetry resutling in two matching parts, differentiating "line-symmetrical figures from figures that are not symmetrical, and drawing lines of symmetry across geometric object. The lesson is aligned with National Common Core Math Standard 4.G.3. The lesson leads students in hands-on activities that may be done in a cooperative learning setting. 

$6.00 - Lesson Length: 1 Hour
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Grade Level:
4th Grade
Secondary Grade Level(s):
5th Grade, 6th Grade
Subject Area:
1 Hour
Included Content:
Not Specified
Fourth Grade, Math, Geometry, Lines Of Symmetry, Nccs-4.3, Folding Figures Across Line Of Symmetry, Powerpoint Presentation, Drawing Lines Of Symmetry

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