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Sequencing "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse"

This product is based on the book “Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse”© by Kevin Henkes available at book stores  verywhere.  Read the book to your students.  Have them sequence the story and then construct the booklet. (There is one set of pages with picture clues for lower level students and one with numbers only for higher level students.) Once appropriate sections are glued in place, have students cut out the triangle pages.  Take a piece of 9x12 gray construction paper and cut into a 9x9 square.  Fold diagonally to form a cover for the book.  Patterns are included at the end of this product for a nose, ears, and eyes.  A sample of a completed booklet is
pictured on the last page.  This is a fun activity that cements sequencing knowledge and allows your students an
authentic opportunity to hone some fine motor skills.  Cute for open house, of just for a fun wrap up.  Check out Lily’s Math problems and Lily’s Fact or Opinion to add dimension to this theme.

$3.50 - Lesson Length: 30 Minutes
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Grade Level:
2nd Grade
Secondary Grade Level(s):
Kindergarten, 2nd Grade
Subject Area:
Reading - Foundational Skills
30 Minutes
Included Content:
Not Specified
Sequencing, Reading, Balanced Literacy, Literacy Centers, Ell, Esl

Common Cores

Read on-level text with purpose and understanding.

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Sequencing Lily's Purple Plastic Purse SAMPLE Portable Document Format

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Sequencing Lily's Purple Plastic Purse SAMPLE Portable Document Format
Sequencing Lily's Purple Plastic Purse Portable Document Format


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